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Friday July 19 2024 

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League Rules & Guidelines

(Revised 2/2//23)

  1. Teams must pay the full entry fee before they can get on the schedule. If a club has multiple teams, the club can pay for the teams at different times, but only the teams that have paid in full can get on the schedule. 

  2. Birth certificates and report cards will be checked at the gym where the team plays their first game 30 minutes prior to their first game.  Players without them will not be allowed to play.  If that player plays, the game is an automatic forfeit. When a player is added to a roster, a birth certificate and report card have to be provided to add the player. If a player competes in a game without being certified, the team will receive a forfeit. If an ineligible player somehow manages to play and his participation is discovered any time after the game, his team will still receive a forfeit. Players will not be able to show up at the gym on game day and expect to play without having been added to the team roster and been certified beforehand. All players previously certified are on an ARC Certification Database, and they do not have to be certified again. 

  3. The playing dates in the league are always posted well in advance of the start of the league. Please make sure you know the playing dates.  If you need to take off a week, please let us know.League play will consist of four games plus play-offs. At the start of each ARC League session, League Director Eddie Miller will determine where teams should be placed. The first week of league play will be the week to evaluate all teams and make appropriate placements. If a team enters the league after the first week, that team will be placed in a regular division until an evaluation can be made. Divisions will be offered from 6u/K  through High School. If the League Directors determine that there is a difference in the talent level of a division, they will set up a second division or third division in that age group for teams that are not able to compete with the stronger teams in the division. If a team wins a championship in any division for two consecutive times in dominating fashion, that team will be moved up to the next age division. Players may play in as many age groups as they desire, but players can only play in one division in an age group. Any player who violates that rule will cause his team to receive a forfeit. However, there is one exception. Players who are playing up from their age or grade group can play in as many different divisions in an age group as they choose. Teams cannot change divisions after the third week.

  4. The league is now based upon grade with age exceptions, based upon September 1, 2024. For example, if a 7th grader turns 13 after September 1, 2024, he’s still eligible to play in the 6th grade division based on his age. In the High School Division, only Freshmen and Sophomores can play in the Frosh/Soph Division. However, Freshmen (9th grade) and Sophomores (10th grade) can play in any high school Division in the league, (Frosh/Soph, JV, or Varsity). If a player is a Junior (11th grade) or a Senior (12th grade) in high school, he can only play in the JV or Varsity Divisions. If a player is a Senior, he can only play in the Varsity division. Players cannot play down under any circumstances. All players, no matter their skill level, have to play in their own age group. There will no longer be any exceptions.

  5. All schedule requests should be kept to a minimum and all clubs should note that all games are played between 8:50 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. on Sundays with some occasional Saturdays.  Schedule requests should be made by the Sunday before the next league game. Once the schedule has been sent to all teams, unless there is a mistake made by the schedule maker, no changes will be made to the schedule. If a team cannot make its game, that game will not be made up nor a refund given for the missed game. 

  6. FORFEITS:  Forfeits will no longer be tolerated and will be treated with extreme measures. ARC does not want teams in the league that forfeit games. Please let Rich know in advance before he does the schedule on Tuesday if you can’t play that coming weekend or have special concerns. If you tell Rich, you have to forfeit after the schedule has been sent out to all teams, that is still a forfeit and your team will not be on the schedule the following week. If your team forfeits the second time, your team will not be on the schedule for the next two weeks. If you forfeit the third time, you will be dismissed from the league with no refund. There has to be commitment from parents, players, and coaches. We try to providebalanced competition among teams from a very wide area and teams that travel from great distances are looking for the kind of competition we provide and give the league a good variety of teams. Teams will not continue to come to this league if their opponents don’t show and forfeit.  Forfeits are not acceptable and will not be part of the ARC League Program.

  7. Showing up with less than four (4) players constitutes a forfeit

  8. All teams from 6u/K years old up to 11u/5th will use the small basketball or 28.5. All teams from 12u/6th on will use the regulation sized basketball. All Divisions are allowed to use a regulation size basketball if both coaches agree before the start of the game.

  9. Games in the 7u/1st through High School Divisions will consist of 20-minute running time halves. Stop time will be used for the last 2 minutes of the game if there is less than a 10 point differential in the score (10 points or less). If the differential goes to 10 or above, running time will again be used. 3 full time-outs per game will be allowed. The first overtime will consist of 3 minutes, with 2 minutes of running time, and one minute of stop time, with an additional time-out given to each team. All additional overtimes will follow the same structure as the first overtime.

  10. No pressing with teams ahead by 20 points or more at any point in the game. Teams must play defense behind half court except for the 2nd and 3rd Grade Divisions who must play defense behind the 3 point line. The coach of the team losing by 20 can allow the press to continue if he chooses to do so. For the 2nd and 3rd Grade Divisions only, pressing will be allowed if both coaches agree.

  11. Girls’ teams will play boys rules, since no shot clock will be used. Girls may play on the same team as boys.

  12. If two teams are tied, the first tie-breaker is head-to-head. If more than 2 teams tie, a point differential among the teams tied will be applied (The maximum that you can beat a team and still gain an advantage is 15 points). The score of all forfeits shall be 2-0.

  13. There will be an admissions charge each league day of $15 for everyone, but children under 6 will be free. Coaches need to make parents aware of admission charges.

  14. Good sportsmanship and behavior must be displayed by all players, coaches, and parents at all times. Parents or coaches are not allowed to taunt the opponent’s players. ARC reserves the right to demand a proper conduct of sportsmanship and have those who violate good sportsmanship removed from the gym. A participant or spectator who gets ejected for fighting will not be allowed in the gym for the team’s next game. In all other concerns not covered by these guidelines, high school rules will be followed. Any coach who gets ejected from a game cannot enter the gym for any of the team’s games during the next week of play. If a coach gets ejected more than once in a single season, they will not be able to return for the remainder of that season.

  15. The schedule makers will accept requests prior to the start of the league, but once the league has begun, requests will only be accepted by the Sunday prior to the next Sunday’s game.  The schedule maker always tries to make it possible for a coach who coaches multiple teams to be able to coach all of his teams. However, requests for certain times and particular gym locations will be attempted to be accommodated, but cannot be guaranteed. The schedule will be made on a weekly basis and will be e-mailed on the Wednesday prior to Sunday’s game. 

  16. Any refusal to comply with the above 16 rules may result in a team’s dismissal from the league with NO refund. There shall be no full or partial refunds given to any teams for any reason.

  17. All coaches must agree to these Rules and Guidelines by signing this contract.

League Director | Eddie Miller | (818) 903-0527 | ejaquay3@gmail.com

I have read the ARC League Rules and Guidelines and I agree to comply with them. I understand that failure to comply with the ARC League Rules and Guidelines could result in dismissal from the league with no refund.

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