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Friday December 02 2022 

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Jan 31, 2014, 10:26 am

Last year, there were 110 teams in the ARC Winter League. This year, there was an incredible jump in the numbers, as the current Winter League has 188 teams, which sets a new Winter League record.  ARC wants to thank all the coaches, parents, and players for their tremendous support. ARC, as a non-profit corporation, also appreciates the grant help received from the LA84 Foundation, and PepsiCo, the major sponsor of ARC.  ARC promises to continue to strive to make your basketball league experience the best possible and most memorable.          

Jan 31, 2014, 10:26 am

For twelve years, ARC has been trying to build a sports center in the San Fernando Valley for players in the Valley and surrounding areas. This is the only section of California that does not have such a center, but has more teams playing than any other area in California. The biggest and strongest volleyball program in southern California, along with the top NBA Training Program, are ready to become part of the Valley Sports Center. The ARC Leagues now average over 150 teams each session, and that number continues to grow. If anyone can provide any suggestions or resources to make it possible for the Valley to have such a sports center, please contact ARC at 818 995-3761.

Dec 3, 2013, 4:20 pm

The ARC 9s, 10s, and 11s blew out everybody to take the championships at the Thanksgiving for Hoops Tournament in San Diego.  GYGR/HW won the title in the tough 14u division.  ARC teams went 13-0 to win the three divisions, and GYGR/HW posted a 5-0 record to become champions.

 ARC 9s

ARC 10s 

ARC 11s


Nov 25, 2013, 10:17 am


Future Stars/ 1st Grade Champions          Ivy League/2nd Grade Champions 

RBS                                                          CBC                                                      


Pac 10/3rd Grade Champions                       SEC I/4th Grade Champions    

CBC                                                           Shepherd Sports 


 SEC II/4th Grade Champions                      SEC III/4th Grade Champions 

BFT                                                           PHD Orange 


Big 10 I/5th Grade Champions                     Big 10 II/5th Grade Champions 

ARC 10s All-Stars                                     GYGR



Big 10 III/5th Grade Champions                     Big East I/6th Grade Champions                 

Rising Stars Green                                    GYGR


Big East II/6th Grade Champions                  Big East III/6th Grade Champions             

GYGR                                                        Yeshiva               


Big West I/7th Grade Champions                 Big West II/7th Grade Champions 

Rockets                                                    LA Lions 



Big West III/7th Grade Champions       ACC I/8th Grade Champions  

Dream Team                                           NGA Stars 


ACC II/8th Grade Champions                 ACC III/8th Grade Champions 

The Family                                                CBC


Frosh/Soph Champions                       High School Champions 

Street Ballers                                         Rising Stars Red 




Nov 18, 2013, 3:05 pm

Both the ARC 9s and ARC 10s won the championship of the Dominators of the Court Tournament this past weekend. The ARC 10s were already ranked the number one team in the West, and they further enhanced their status. The ARC 9s, previously ranked number three, knocked off the team that was ranked co-number one.
Therefore, the ARC 9s should probably be ranked at least as co-number one now.
It looks like ARC is returning to those glorious days of yesteryear . . . ARC rises again.

ARC 9s

ARC 10s



Looking for families for a new reality TV show
Nov 14, 2013, 4:25 pm

A casting company is looking for families that love to host dinner parties and gatherings at their home. If selected for this show, families will compete with two other families to see who can throw the best dinner party! Whether it be your Southern charm or your grandmother's enchiladas, this is the perfect opportunity to show America how your family comes together to throw the ultimate get together. Whether it be their Southern charm or grandmother's enchiladas, this is the perfect opportunity to show America how families come together to throw the ultimate get together. They will have the opportunity to win a Big Cash Prize (NO fee to be on this show)!! We are looking for a a family with a mom, dad and two or more kids (two kids must be between 9 and 19 yrs of age). 

For more information about the show please have them call Kristin directly at 323-498-6083 or email her directly at kristincasting1@gmail.com. She will be happy to give you many more details on the show!

May 20, 2010, 7:53 pm

ARC Supreme (12U)

ARC Supreme 12U won the 12U AAU Regional Tournament averaging 98.5 points per game.They defeated Impact from Santa Clarita in the Championships (82-66). They now head to Virginia for the AAU National Championships as the No. 1 Seed from the Southern Pacific Region.

ARC 13s

ARC 13s were declared Regional Champions of the 13 year old division without even playing in the division because of their past reputation, and their No. 2 Seed in the Nation. The ARC 13s played in the 14 year old division in the AAU Regional Tournament, losing by only four points to the Regional Champion, NJB So Cal Elite, and qualifying to go to the 14 year old AAU National Championships also. However, they will be going to Memphis in late June to fulfill their quest to become the next 13U National Champions, after having finished 2nd, 3rd, and 2nd in the last three years. 

ARC In Mourning
Nov 23, 2009, 5:50 pm

Jackie Martin passed away Sunday after a long battle with cancer. Jackie leaves sons Chris and Jason, and husband Ken. Jackie was the team mom for the ARC 13s for the last five years. To the ARC program, she was so much more than that. She was a great supporter of the program and our team's biggest fan. She demonstrated heartfelt caring for all the players. Players, parents and coaches looked to Jackie for help with the operations of the team on the road and at home, and even for advice on personal matters. She was everyone's friend and was loved by all who knew her.

Whenever and wherever the ARC 13s play, there will always be a seat for Jackie, for the team knows that her spirit will always be there rooting us on. In her memory, ARC will make an annual "Jackie Martin Award" to the parent who best exemplifies her character and commitment to young players, making sure she will never be forgotten.

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